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Novessence and SocialC are both driven by an inclusive, sustainable vision and a new business approach. An approach that revolves around the idea that it is the people and their human qualities that matters. It is the idea that the hiring system, we now follow, needs a revolution and a new system needs to be established where the qualities of a person, their aspirations and values takes the center stage and not their resumes.

We met the founder of Novessence for an open conversation. 

Below is the summary of this significant moment.

What is Novessence and what is their approach?

Novessence is a small, boutique cosmetics store that is located at the heart of Thonglor, Bangkok, Thailand. The element that makes Novessence special is their obsession with healthy living. The ethos of the company is simply to provide its customers with a healthier alternative to what is available in the market.

Novessence noticed very early that the mass-produced supermarket-brand of cosmetics are homogenous in terms of ingredients and most of them are very toxic. They felt outraged by this phenomenon and they felt an obligation to share this information. This was followed by the concept that people will be interested in simple, environmentally sustainable skin and beauty care products. And thus, the story of Novessence began.

What are the values that matters to them?

The values that matters to Novessence are simple. They believe in healthy living, social responsibility and sustainability. They want to encourage everyone to live a healthy and an eco-friendly lifestyle. They also want to do it in a very socially responsible manner. For example, they are not in the business of excess. They do not use a lot of ingredients. They just use a few, nice, necessary ingredients. The products are also not tested on animals.

 They thrive to do better every time in terms of quality and innovation. All their products are made from premium, natural, pure and organic ingredients. They are always in the process to create a new and better version of their product. They are trying to always innovate their DIY system so that they can provide a more personal product to their customers. And, lastly, they believe in education. This relates back to one of their core mission. They want to educate the public about the harmful products that is present in the mass-produced cosmetics. In this regard, they organize workshops and learning sessions that teaches a health-conscious individual on how to identify a harmful ingredient and thereafter produce a healthy alternative.

What is their hiring policy?

It is extremely important for Novessence that current and future employees embody the same approach and values. Priorities are given to people who already have an eco-friendly lifestyle and who, in their own way, respect earth ensuring sustainability. Novessence wants its employees to have a very strong team spirit. They want their employees to be collaborative and they want their employees to work for each other. Novessence only require its employees to have the core skills, like language and common sense, but, for everything else, Novessence is willing to bear with the employees while they go through the learning curve. Lastly, Novessence is not interested in the grade or the name of the university they graduated from. They realize that it is the potential that matters and not the records of the past. 

We, here at Social C, like Novessence. It is because our values match. We are fighting to change the status quo and move toward a world where we thrive to break the bureaucratic system of inefficiency and look at people for who they are- including their values.

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